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Jodi Lerner, MS, LCSW

Couples Therapy and Couples Coaching

I am an experienced couples and individual therapist who can help you learn to how to be courageous, clear and confident in your relationships. 

I specialize in Discernment Counseling, Relationship Restoration and Childhood Emotional Neglect.

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How I Can Help You

Virtual Sessions &  Free Consultation

Relationship Building & Restoration

Imagine if your partner could truly feel what you are experiencing or feeling while there is a conflict brewing. Contingent Communication is that level of intimate understanding of one another and it can help trust grow. Conflict is a natural part of any relationship over time. I will provide skills and tools that you can implement immediately allowing you to move your conflict towards resolution and repair instead of leaving the issues unresolved.

Lover's Shadows

Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion

Perhaps you have recently discovered that your primary caretakers did not provide enough emotional support for you while you were younger. Explore your inner child roots and gain a better understanding of yourself in relation to yourself and your partner.

Rock Balancing

Discernment Counseling

Finding a better path to discern where your relationship stands is not couples counseling. Discover with clarity and confidence the next steps for your relationship. Discernment Counseling will help you both build a deeper understanding of each partner's contributions to the problems and issues. This is a short term structured approach providing couples with a thoughtful process that honors the history they share. Unlike traditional counseling, Discernment Counseling is very targeted and concise with an approach designed to facilitate making relationship decisions in a finite amount of time.

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